How to make Postcards

Two Methods 1 result – Method 1 is the simple way to make postcards, Method 2 is a little more complicated.


Blank Card                   Pelmet Vilene                 Scraps of Fabric

Sewing Thread            Bondaweb (or 505 spray glue)

Printer Paper (for method 2)

Method 1:

  1. Cut a piece of Pelmet Vilene to approximately postcard size-you can trim this exactly at the last stage.
  2. Cut a piece of background fabric about the same size.
  3. Bondaweb this fabric to the Pelmet Vilene.
  4. Decorate this ‘sandwich’ any way you like using applique, patchwork, Angelina fibres, quilting or embroidery stitches etc.
  5. Once you have completed your design attach the card to the back using bondaweb or 505 glue spray – you can trim the Vilene/fabric sandwich to fit at this stage.
  6. Zig-zag all the way around to secure the card to the design-MAKE SURE YOU DON”T USE TOO CLOSE A ZIG-ZAG STITCH as it will perforate the card if you do.

Method 2:

  1.  Cut pelmet Vilene to postcard size.
  2. Attached wadding to the Vilene using 505 spray glue
  3. Attach fabric background or prepared fabric picture to the wadding, again using 505 spray glue.
  4. At this stage you can either machine quilt the prepared picture or appliqué a shape onto the background.
  5. Insert a piece of plain printer paper behind the Vilene to make a firm surface.
  6. Attach a piece of plain calico by zig-zag/satin stitch all round the edges – twice, with either a thread to match the calico or a thread that goes with the picture.
  7. Start sewing the edge half way along one side (not at a corner).  When you turn a corner make sure the needle is hard up against it.  If you are using a craft foot you may want to release the weight of the presser foot, depending on how thick the card is.  Don’t drop the feed-dogs.
  8. First round use 3.5 stitch width and 0.2 length.  Second time round use 4 stitch width and 0.2 stitch length.  You may want to adjust this according to your sewing machine.
  9. Pull ends of threads through and finish off the way you think best, on the back.  Using a stiletto or kebab stitch helps to hold the postcard in awkward places.
  10. The calico can be stamped to look like a postcard OR you can use a waterproof pen and draw the lines on the calico.