Who’s Who

The Committee works to make Wessex Quiltmakers a thriving and vibrant group. We work hard but are fortunately not hampered by too many committee meetings each year and enjoy working together. We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers.

Chairperson – Sarah Jane White

Sarah Jane continues for a second year as Chairperson although has been a member of Wessex Quiltmakers since 2001 and has been on the committee before, but as treasurer for a four year term. With Babs Frost she has helped organise three exhibitions for the group.  She completed her City and Guilds in Design and Patchwork level 3 in July 2013 at Odiham Library, but still feel there is a lot to learn. At the moment she is following an Instiches Course called  Inspiration to Stitch and is a member of “random threads”, with five other members of Wessex Quiltmakers.

Secretary – Helen Stevens

Helen continues her role as Secretary for a second year.  She has enjoyed quilting for 30 years but only since joining Wessex Quiltmakers 7 years ago, has she belonged to a group.  She is always keen to learn new techniques and gain inspiration from so many talented members.

Treasurer – Judy Hickman

Programme Secretaries – Marie Nicholson

Marie has been a member since 1980 and took her City and Guilds with a very well known member of Wessex Quiltmakers and a founder member of the Quilters Guild, Joan York.  In those early days, pre-computers, she undertook a variety of committee jobs, including Newsletter Editor which was then issued 3 times a year – quite a task!

Committee Member – Yvonne Weyman

Yvonne went to a quilt show and thought she would like to have a go.  Starting out with some classes with Karena Brand then workshops and more classes with Emma Game she still feels like she is striving for proficiency.  Joining Wessex Quiltmakers in 2009/10 she is looking forward to being involved as a willing helper on the committee for the first time.

Committee Member – Mary Drake

Mary has already served on the Committee several years ago, having joined Wessex Quiltmakers after making her first quilt in 1984.  She completed her City & Guilds with Joan York in 2005 and today most of her work is taken up by challenges set by a small quilting group she belongs to – which certainly makes her try out different techniques.

Committee Member – Joan Holloway